VR , the Meta generation

What I currently working on. This is VR,the meta generation . oilpainting over copper based acrylic . Work in progress.


New small limited artworks. Torch Gallery Amsterdam in the Back office. 12 May- 18June 2022


a small sneak peek on what i am currently working on. Head over to YT.

Polaroid & Nailpolish

New works ,new media Art made under Covid19 and other difficult times….. Go to Poloaroid in the Menu to see more. A close up ” Melting ” polaroid with nailpolish , in private collection go to menu – polaroid to see more and abilety For other questions and availabety, please contact my galleries, under contact…

Nailpolish paintings

Capsule Paintings in Covid19 and other difficult times Go to paintings and nailpolish paintings the discover the total Capsule……. To be continued….

sosial media solitude

Sosial media solitude , is the new solo exhibition by Line Gulsett.  Torch Gallery in Amsterdam. Opening is the 25 may 2019- 17-19 o’clock.

JUSTMAD9 emerging art fair, Madrid, Camara Oscura galleria de arte

From 20 to 25 Feb. 2018 , works by Line Gulsett will be shown together with others artist from Camara oscura galleria de arte . Camara oscura is taking part in the emerging art fair  JustMad9 in Madrid. To plan your visit go the art fairs web page :   http://justmad.es or visit  Camara Oscura gallery…